As an avid space fan I love the fact that I can open Twitter & quickly find out everything that’s happened daily with upcoming launches, missions in progress & critical issues that effect future missions. Posts from NASA insiders & other space or science community members make me feel as if I’m part of what’s going on instead of reading about it in the news after the fact. Even though I have always been a big fan of space exploration my knowledge of what’s going on with it has never been as up to the minute as it is now that I have Twitter.

More importantly, I believe that Twitter has exposed a great many people to space exploration & the individuals who are actually doing it. It’s no longer faceless & it’s building a growing interest where there might have never been one. I believe that this growing & renewed interest in space is critical to the future of our space program & NASA. People are tuning in on the net, on cable tv, anywhere they can to view launches & mission press conferences, & most of them learned how, where & when through a link or message posted somewhere on Twitter.