As the stars once shared their chemical properties to create life so does this cluster of  Twitter stars share their collective knowledge, resources,
insights, thoughts and wonders to enliven our minds and inspire us to think beyond our global boundaries. What I have found in following these enthusiasts is that they not only share a love for space, they love to share. This sharing contributes to an access of information that rivals university astronomy and/or physics courses.

For someone who, until very recently, had very little knowledge of general astronomy, I truly find it amazing the wealth of scientific facts, theories and even philosophy the Twitter astronomy community can provide. I especially enjoy the topics of past, present and future space exploration. Where else can one come in contact with as many experts around the world at the same time and share information about events such as space launches while they’re occurring! Even novices, through their passion, contribute so much to this learning experience. Access to this collective knowledge has allowed me pass along information to others outside of  Twitter, in astronomy club meetings, star parties and school events. This exponential information flow further illustrates the impact of  Twitter.

Opinions and feelings are as interesting as facts to me, and they are shared generously as well. These perspectives also provide insights, and demonstrate how, even with our diversity, we can share a common interest in seeking to better ourselves, hopefully, our planet and some day our universe.