I’m going to be
adding two brand new pages to the Space Tweep Society Blog that I am
personally excited about sharing with people.

The first page will highlight annual space outreach programs run by
NASA, Universities, Museums, High Schools, etc. If you know of a
program that should be added to the list please send me the name of the
program, it’s web address, the city/state the event takes place in, the
age range of participants, and 2-3 sentences describing the program and
what makes it stand out from the rest.

If any of you have followed my tweets over the past few weeks you
might guess what the second page is going to be about.  That’s right,
NASA Spinoffs – products and technologies that exist in our everyday
lives because of the existence of NASA.  Please send me the web address
and a few words describing the link.

The information you send will make it quicker to pull the page
together.  You can send the information to txflygirl (at) rocketmail
(dot) com

Thanks for your help Space Tweeps!