This will
probably be one of my very few blog posts here, at least for a little
while. I just wanted to tell my story…I’ve been trying to help out,
moderating and the like, but reading everyone else’s stories…it’s hard
to just sit back and not participate.

I joined Twitter in December of 2007 hoping to score a Nintendo Wii
via mobile alerts. I did, and didn’t pay much more attention to it
until Hurricane Ike in September 2008. I posted updates of my
evacuation plans to all of my 2 or 3 followers, and didn’t visit again
until STS-119. For some reason I got a wild hair and thought people
might be interested in what I do, so during that mission I posted

DISCLAIMER: At NO time did this impede my work. The updates were
done when I was NOT on console, and during that time I was getting my
info from NASA TV like everyone else.

People took notice, and whoa! Look at the incredible turn of events!
I’ve met a whole group of interesting people – because of Twitter I got
a tour of the launch pad and the Hypergolic Maintenance Facility at KSC.

I only want to spread the good word of space exploration and
generate more interest in it. You Space Tweeps have been so supportive,
in good times and bad, and I want you to know that I appreciate that.

So I’ll be commenting here and there, probably not writing so much,
but I am here helping out how I can behind the scenes. You guys are
great and I just wanted to tell you that. It’s amazing how far we’ve
come in such a short time.

Thanks again,