What is the collective noun for a bunch of Space Tweeps – a “Cluster
of Space Tweeps”, perhaps? Whatever it may be, I have really enjoyed
being a part of it. If you are into all things space, astronomy and
cosmology, then these are the folks to hang out with.

It’s satisfying to pursue an interest, but it’s even better to
pursue it in the company of others. I have had the pleasure of
following many fascinating threads emanating from ‘the cluster’, and
random one-off messages too. Sure, I can spend hours following my own
leads in directions that I find interesting – but the Space Tweeps have
really added to this. Often I have tweeted about things, only to find
that others chip in with extra stuff that I wouldn’t have come across.
If you are fascinated by our universe, then you are most welcome here
and I think you’ll find it a good place to be.

We’re also a civilised bunch. So often these days online experiences
are marred by unkindnesses of many hues, but not with the Space Tweeps.
Even problematic subjects are handled with impeccable manners. That’s
as rare as galactic supernovae. I like it. I’m sure you do too.