I’ve really had
a lot of fun among you all, especially during our launch parties – with
more to come.  Like probably most of you I didn’t understand Twitter
during its early development. Twittering sounded just too superficial,
but curiosity got the best of me and within a day, I bumped into this
joyful – inquisitive – and thought-productive group.

By word of introduction, but maintaining a measure of anonymity, I
have no ties to the space program other than my intense interest in it
since my earliest years.  As a somewhat geeky child of the 1950s, my
teachers and parents were encouraged by our then space-desperate
country (sputnik driven) to hook me up with all things science and this
suited me very well.  My very favorite place in the world as a child
was Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles where I celebrated several
birthdays with close friends.  Then, there was the early manned
space-flight program! That absolutely riveted me and glued me to the TV
at each and every launch – many of which were delayed after endless
holds.  Picture my folks providing me food trays close to our TV in the
family room where I would not, could not tear myself from the screen. 
I’ve pretty much continued that wonderful obsession throughout my life,
a healthy obsession that won’t be ending anytime soon.

The space program in all its forms is just about the most important
expenditure I can think of, just after food, water, health care, and
safe shelter for the world’s population. I’ve run the numbers and –
trying not to become too political as per our blogging guidelines –
there is PLENTY of money and human resource to pour funds toward the
sciences, including basic science and space exploration for the sake of
exploration itself. That enormous, or rather astronomical sums are
flushed away in empty, non-usable weapons systems is another piece of
evidence that those in high places often demonstrate a talent for
getting there, but no talent whatsoever in having imagination and
vision.  Ok, off the soap-box.

To sum it up, I am sure that we – those who love this stuff – are on
the right track. I very much enjoy being given the gift of hearing your
thoughts and your humor, and experiencing thoughts of my own that come
as a result of our ongoing twitterings.