This is a wacky
Public Service Announcement I wrote about Space Junk. I think it’s
humorous but my sense of humor is different.  I am a staunch advocate
against space junk and I get particularly concerned about unexplained
debris generation events. Nothing makes my blood boil more than bubbles
of sodium potassium reactor coolant flinging around our good Earth at
17,500 miles an hour.

Yes I read Orbital Debris Quarterly News.

Space junk are objects, created by humans, that orbit the Earth and
no longer serve any useful purpose besides circling our blue dot
harmfully. Spacey junk consists of everything from entire spent rocket
stages and broken-down satellites to explosion fragments, paint flakes,
dust and slag from solid rocket motors, coolant released by RORSAT
nuclear powered satellites and other small particles.

Clouds of very small particles may cause erosive damage, akin to
sandblasting. Collisions at orbital velocities (17,500 miles per hour
+) can damage satellites and spacecraft, creating more debris (the
Kessler Syndrome) which could eventually lead to unsafe space
exploration and stop the use of satellites, perhaps for many

One does not want to get struck by a fleck of paint traveling at orbital velocities!


Have you ever gazed up into the night sky in magical wonder of the
vast cosmos, knowing pure calm and peace? What if that peaceful moment
was suddenly shattered as you, in abject horror, ingest a flaming 2nd
stage piece of rocket launch vehicle during its fiery return into
Earth’s atmosphere? It slams into you, sending your mangled body ejecta
hundreds, perhaps thousands of feet away, leaving behind a small crater.

It’s only a matter of time.

Orbital debris is becoming more and more of a hazard in this Space
Age. Not only are we polluting our Mother Earth here on the ground, we
are also soiling the space around it. Help stop space junk, this flying
pollution. Thank you. Don’t do drugs.