Hello everyone
and thanks for all of your fantastic contributions to the blog. I
wanted to let you all know that there are some exciting changes in the
works. I started this blog as a free WordPress blog only a couple of
weeks ago, never thinking that it would be so well received.

Due to the tremendous response, there is a need to move the blog to
our own hosted space. This will allow us to have more authors- the
current blog is limited in the number that can contribute and we are
rapidly approaching the limit. It will also give us more flexibility to
incorporate new features and to automate processes like adding names to
the list of Space Tweeps.

Construction of the blog’s new home is underway by a very talented
society member (not me!) and when the time comes we will make the
transition as seamless as possible. All content will be exported to the
new blog. So, please keep up the great writing and look for some real
improvements in the not-so-distant future.