pondering, yet again, the source of my interest in space and science, I
attribute a lot of it to the things I had to play with when I was a
child. I had microscopes, skeletons to put together,
a giant kid-sized world atlas, a phillip’s planisphere that showed me
the stars and constellations, moons, glow in-the dark solar systems,
the list goes on.  Who knew, thanks to Santa, that “Cosmos” would
become a little girl’s favorite movie?  I have my mom to thank for
noticing the things that put a twinkle in my eye, and of course I can’t
forget my dad, “James the Navigator!”

It’s so important to grab kids when they are young
and impressionable, and suck them in to the “vacuum of space,” pardon
the re-use of the clever expression!  How could these things not be
cool to a child? It is then that a little scientist or
astronomer is made.  Hopefully, any parent reading this already has
these things in mind, but the toys I remember were the ones that
fostered my imagination of the world beyond my eyes, and it so excited
me! This is a short post and not too thought-through, as I
am home from work late and tired, but I just wanted to share some more
thoughts and check in with the crew!