The society received a mention in the August 3, 2009 edition of the NASA News Summary, which is addressed to “The Administrator and Senior Officials.”

The segment read as follows:

Society Created To Unite Twitter Users.  In the Open NASA (8/2), Jen, senior aerospace technician at the Hypergolic Maintenance Facility on Kennedy Space Center, wrote, “There is a recent movement within NASA to be open and transparent and practice inclusion with our space program. …  My personal take on it is that inclusion” is “about giving people a voice and making them feel like they share a role in the mission.”  Jen wrote that there is now a “Space Tweep Society” that was “created as a way to unite Twittering space enthusiasts of every background, both inside and outside of the space industry. The society is only a small step in public outreach, but it was instantly well received.”  The group has a blog “where members can publish their thoughts about space exploration, astronomy, or any other aspect of space that they’d like to discuss- and start a dialog with the other members.”