Reels and tomes of science fiction have been produced on the pros and cons of an international union of space agencies.  Unfortunately, in most cases these aggregations have not done well. Should we accept these scifi chronicles as predictions of any success humankind may have working together?  I think not.

The two essential and governing factors are cost and technology.  Going into deep space, exploring planetary environments, even colonizing some planets are all incredibly demanding of our dollars and our technological genius.  When we try to do it individually we do fairly well, but do not go very far and are under constant criticism of how and why we did or did not meet our goals. A union of dollars, brains and purpose could change that dramatically.

Throughout the history of humankind, the sciences, despite the often animosties felt and expressed by their respective governments, have worked together to produce the scientific and technological progress we all desire and actually depend upon.  What would it take to make that unity of effort a highly respected, open and fully supported global effort?  Well we can either wait for a doomsday incident (terrestrial or celestial) that threatens our very existence (the global desperation factor) or… we can shake our respective leaders awake and cajole, plead, shove, drag or whatever them into reality.

I for one do not want to wait for option 1. I also am not eager to aggressively twist our respective leader’s arms. This leaves the power of reason and the voice of the people, better know as “vox populi” to produce the necessary change. Can we do that, actually will we do it?  Take a minute and look up. See all that glory and all those challenges?Why are we ignoring them?  Next take a minute and look down at all the bright, funny, aggressive, eager children that surround us.  What we are viewing is the future, but at this instant that future is in our hands.  So do we do our duty and lay the ground work for that future?  We must.

So look up, look down, and speak out for today, tomorrow and eons beyond. It is all right here in our hands this very moment.  What are we waiting for?