What if you mix two fun things like space and LOLcats? You get LOLspace, the space LOLcats. If fellow space tweeps don’t mind, I will start posting here my new and classic LOLspace, like this.

we haz a main bus B undervolts...

In case you are not familiar, a LOLcat is a picture of a cat with a humorous caption written in a broken but funny English called “lolspeak”. This internet meme was made more popular in the past few years by I Can Has Cheezburger?, a blog that posts LOLcats and provides additional tools such as a LOLcat generator called Lol Builder.

For me it all started on Twitter. Sometime in 2008 Mike Fabio (@revrev), then Google Lunar X PRIZE community manager tweeting as @glxp, solicited users to post links to space-related LOLcats he called “LOLspace” and tagged as #LOLspace on Twitter. A number of @glxp followers, including myself, began posting such links found by surfing the web or googling around.

Then I began playing with the Lol Builder and tweeting my LOLspace creations. Some metrics (basically, I wasn’t mass-unfollowed on Twitter) suggested positive feedback and encouraged me to continue.

So, I’d like to begin sharing here the many LOLspace I put together over the past year or so, and new onesI will create. In the meantime, here are some of the classics, i.e. previously published, I grouped by topic in series (just click the lolspeak links):

Enjoy, and let me know whether you wish to get more LOLspace. Watch for posts tagged lolspace.