If we want to get out there, as the human race we naturally want to explore. But should each nation be going it alone? The ISS has been so successful due to the huge cooperation from everyone, would we have had those wonderful moments aboard the ISS where every person on board was from a different country. I think international working together will be the only way forward in space travel successfulness and progress.

The USA is having trouble getting the funds together to actually get back to the moon any time soon. If other leading countries, e.g. France, UK, Canada, Japan etc, would cooperate, then each nation would jointly fund the moon missions as well as the ISS. The total money one country needs to pay is decided by that countries wealth, so therefore, America would pay most, as they have more money to give than UK, France, etc. 

It upsets me about this talk of, ‘who will get back to the moon first, USA, Russia, China, etc etc’ as I just feel that we should be working and helping each other to, not only better a nation’s strength and pride, but to better the whole world! Why not have an International Moon Base (IMB) where any nation that is part of the project can send their people, have all participating nations’ flags erected around the front of it, in a UN HQ style? Think how much space exploration would be boosted if we had not only the US flag on the moon, but the Union Jack, the French flag, etc. It would make those countries want to do more to help. All they would have to do is give money and funding, or design/build something; as soon as they do this they would get their flag on the moon, and an agreement that eventually an astronaut from that country would land on the moon. Now if that wouldn’t boost the space industry, I don’t know what would!

Working together we can accomplish so much more, so why does it have to stop with moon exploration, why can’t we put our differences aside and explore the solar system? Why can’t they set up an International Space Agency that countries sign up to if they want to? I am sure most nations would be able to see the benefits of these.  

I could write for days on this topic, but I would not want to bore you. 

If you take the time to read this, then thanks. I would also like to hear your views on this.