On Saturday September 19th, a major event in the promotion for Free Software (Free as in “Free Speech” and not as in “Free Beer”) took place in more than 500 cities around the World: the Software Freedom Day.

Free Software has become a very important tool for making and teaching Science. Client computer software such as Stellarium, Celestia, KStars and Xephem (for Sky simulators), VLC (for video broadcasting), QAstroCam, wxAstroCapture (for astrophotography) and Fldigi (for Amateur Radio Digital Signaling) are among the best in their own categories.

As an Amateur Astronomers Society that makes an extensive use of this kind of tools, ANASA  teamed up with Nicaraguan SFD’s organizers and readied a workshop for Stellarium. Also we installed a promotional stand. People gathered around, showing real interest in Space and our activities. Several copies for Stellarium were uploaded to their memory sticks.


And with this public appearance, we have fulfilled another goal in our local IYA’s activities. We still have one Astronomy Pictures Public Gallery and several web-conferences with Central American Amateur Astronomers. Everything looks good  at the moment! 🙂

 You can find pictures for this event clicking on this link:


Clear Skies!