The tweetup concept and philosophy is one of the most promising methods for getting us in touch with those who are making space exploration history and also with those who are planning its future.  That future, by the way, is THE future not just for this nation but globally. When we talk about space exploration, we must think about it in the context of we-citizens-of-planet-Earth.

So what about this National Space Tweetup?  Simple, we initiate through NASA and the White House a tweetup at NASA HQ with Administrator Bolden and President Obama. What?  Yes, Bolden needs to know the kind of support he really has from the public, and President Obama needs to know how important our space plans are for the future of the entire world.  Letters and phone calls help, but a tweetup lays it on the line.  Eye to eye, heart to heart, both leaders get to know where we stand.

If the President can go public and attend many town hall meeting about health care reform, he should be open to attending one, major town hall (tweetup) about humankind’s’ future.  He does not even have to travel far to attend, just down the street from the White House. He could even walk it he wanted to.  Most importantly, we could have the greatest health care system in the world, but if we drop the ball on our space future, good health is not going make much difference.  Fear tactics used here?  No, just firm reality tactics!

I cannot believe any of us would want to not try for this considering the tremendous risks, sacrifices, and contributions that have been made by so many over the long, long years of our efforts to reach out into space.  Hold it, I hear cheers from Galileo, Goddard, Hubble, and every astronaut who has laid it on the line for us and space exploration. Lets not ignore those cries of encouragement.  Lets get together now, and tweet up a plan and make the contacts.  Most importantly lets get it done before Congress processes the future of space exploration.

If you are a believer, if you look up and are uplifted in spirit and hope then come on lets get this tweetup going.