Many space tweeps use smartphones or mobile devices to keep in touch via Twitter with fellow enthusiasts, or get the latest news on their favorite missions. I explained here, for example, how to view NASA TV images with a mobile phone. Given the iPhone success and increased mobile use of popular sites such as Facebook , this trend is not limited to space tweeps. Yet there are very few mobile-friendly sites or smartphone applications devoted to space.

As an Android user, I check what’s up with Google Sky Map. iPhone friends get basic mission status information with MissionClock. We can all get space news from SpaceRef Mobile. But, apparently, that’s about it. There are just a handful of space applications or mobile optimized sites. Mobile web
browsers are actually good enough to display reasonably well some desktop sites like Heavens Above or the JPL Space Simulator (a sample image generated with JPL Space simulator on my Android phone and posted to Twitpic via Twitter).

Still, the mobile space world is still mostly empty — no pun intended. As far as I know, no space agency provides a mobile version of its main site. These may be among the reasons why The Launch Pad, the Google Lunar X PRIZE blog, posted a call for ideas for a space-related smartphone application.

What is your experience? As a space geek, can you share links to your favorite smartphone applications or mobile-optimized sites? You are encouraged to leave comments. I’d like this post to collect additional information from space tweeps.