Hello SpaceTweeps! 

(This is my first post and its a big subject, so I hope it’s alright)

Recently I proposed the idea of a SpaceTweep Movie night. So of course I needed to send out a Tweet and ask/see how everyone reacted to it.

There was an AMAZING response, a whole bunch of SpaceTweeps responded and as we got to talking more and more joined in, eventually it turned out to be about 12 People wanting to join in on some Movie Night Action!

Thus, I propose we all try and organize a Movie Night, were we can all watch the same movie while tweeting/talking with each other. Most of the tweets being thrown around earlier were about which movies, but what we really need to figure out is HOW and WHEN to do this. 

First, HOW:

There are many ways we could try and do this, but not all of them are very convenient. The first one that was purposed was that we all watch a DVD, well issue with that is that we all would have to go buy a DVD, start it at the same time, etc… So the second way I could think of is Broadcasting the movie over the internet. Only issue with that is we will need someone with some  Fancy schmancy Screencasting software. I have some myself, and I consider myself a “pro” broadcaster but I dont have the video software to bring the movie through without it being “patchy”. Another idea we have just came up with is, just for all of us to acquire a copy of the movie, be it through owning the DVD, renting it, getting it off Netflix/iTunes or an source. Now if anyone else has any ideas please post a comment send me a tweet or just get it out there so we can find out! 

Now we need to find out WHEN:

So this is the easy part, well kindof easy. Most SpaceTweeps have set schedules and are not always available, and we understand. What might happen and probably will is that we will have more than one movie night. Since we have had more than one movie recommendation. So I propose out first date should be a weekend sicne thats when most are available, and that it be in the afternoon/night time. To start things off I propose that we try our first movie night, Friday, October 30, 2009 around 11PM EDT/8PM PDT


This is not really an issue, but for our first Movie Night, and future movie nights I think we should at least have the movies picked out as we have the date. Below I list the movies we came up with during all the Tweeting:

Apollo 13 [ w/ commentary by @absolutespacegirl 😉 ]

Contact [Since @CatherineQ hasn’t seen it!]

Space Camp [Which I have never heard of]


The Dish 

The Knowing

Deep Impact

The Astronaut Farmer

Space Cowboys

Fly Me to the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon

2001 a Space Odyssey  


and many more (Star wars, transformers, all kinds of crazy movies!)

So any/all movies are welcome and maybe this will become a regular event! (every month, like a spacetweep meeting!)

Now that we have that down, everything is open for discussion! So all the best everyone, and hope to hear from you all! 

-Elias Jordan (@ksastro)

(EDIT: When tweeting about the Movie Night please use the tag, #STMN)

First SpaceTweep Movie Night

Date: October 30, 2009

Time: 11PM EDT/8PM PDT

Movie: Apollo 13

Contact @ksastro for more info