The Newbury Astronomical Society is at it again, flooding all of its followers twitter feeds with Images of the Moon, Mars and Beyond! 😉 

Now of course NewburyAS is not really flooding its followers twitter feeds, they’re more like filling it up with astronomy goodness. (Its my job to flood everyones feed 😉 )

What’s really happening is that @NewburyAS along with hundreds of other twitter accounts will be tweeting LIVE images of the Moon and other celestial objects, while having Q&A’s and broadcasting Star Parties and telescopes on Ustream. 

The event starts on Monday, October 26th and continues through until the morning of the 28th, and simply stated its the worlds Second Online Global Star Party! To join in on the action simply tweet with the hashtag, #Moonwatch or contact @NewburyAS, @astronomy2009uk or @ksastro and we will be glad to help you get involved. 

Tweets for the event have already started and more and more people will join in as the week progresses. Though this weekend, the weekend prior to the start of #Moonwatch is Galilean Nights, so if you’re wanting a real fix on astronomy you sure are getting it! 😉 

Hope to hear from you all during #Moonwatch (and #GalileanNights)!

-Elias (@ksastro)