In October 2009, Italian amateur astronomer and space anthusiast Roberto Beltramini started Space 3D, a blog where he posts his space-related anaglyphs and discusses how to create them. You need red and cyan glasses to view the 3D images. Roberto writes in Italian, but the blog includes a handy page translation widget that supports English and all other Google Translator languages.

I knew Roberto as an active contributor to, an Italian online community of space enthusiasts. I later found that he is also a prolific and expert creator of space anaglyphs, which he started collecting on a web site.

I was hooked. And I was probably not alone. In October 2009, BBC Sky at Night Magazine published Space 3D Collector’s Edition, a 100 pages special issue packed with stunning astronomy and space anaglyphs. Section “MAN IN SPACE” includes 20 pages with his best anaglyphs.

In the Space 3D blog, Roberto shares his new anaglyphs. Some of the images are fresh from current space missions, like one of Ares I-X on the launch pad.