As I promised before, I’d like to share with You some ofthe historical press articles, focusing on the Space Race in the back in 1968. They all come from Polish newspapers – thus my rather silly attempt to name it in an interesting way, but I hope You will find them worthy of looking at. I’d like to apologise for my rather crude translation – I imagine not many of You can read in my language (in fact I’m pretty sure none of You can ;)), but I will include scans of orginal text as well. I also hope this will show on the page as I planned – first post in this blogging system that I’m not used to. Hope You’ll understand 😉

Well, here we go.

Postponed launch of “Apollo” capsule


American agency of Space and Aeronautics informed on 11th March, that the second launch of “Apollo” capsule would be postponed by three days. Orginally scheduled for 25th March, the trial is now bound to take place on March 28. Unmanned “Apollo” capsule will be launched by “Saturn-5” carrier rocket into Earth orbit, with the point most distant from Earth equal to 22 thousand kilometers.

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Obviously above article has been published some time after 11th of March 1968 – probably a day or two later. The particular capsule this article reffers to is Apollo-6 – indeed second flight of Saturn V, but overall 4th flight of Apollo to date. It’s unclear why it’s called 2nd in the text – it’s possible that it simply refers to Saturn V flights only, or that first two tests were not counted since they were pre Apollo-1.

 In the next episode: “Jurij Gagarin, first kosmonaut dies in plane crash”