I was thinking about starting this as a forum topic but due to the political nature of the subject I decided it would be better to just include a short personal comment as a foreign observer and basically give the information to those who might not know the situation at JPL. I also understand that those at JPL would be walking on thin ice if they were to make use of social medias like here to publicize their fight. It is not the case for me as a journalist! 

Again, I found in the Federation of American Scientists blog more detailed information that I would have found in mainstream medias. The scientists lawsuit has been going on for more than 2 years and has many implications in terms of civil rights, especially related to the employment of scientists as government contractors. The following gives an overview of what has been going on.

I encourage you to have a look. We talk about the morale of NASA and other scientists as necessary to sustain any long term vision. Here I see scientists who have to divert their attention from science to fight against rebadging and two administrations in a row for their basic right to a minimum of privacy.