The words in the above title of this blog, along with, “Your heretical ideas that the Sun is not the center of the Universe will send you to prison” or “Monkeys? You are telling me we are related to monkeys? You are insane!” were all expressed in condemnation of ideas from great dreamers.  Throughout the history of humankind, it is the dreamers who have moved us forward, in fact they have helped keep us around and alive.

This Space Tweep Society is the product of a dreamer.  Most, if not all, of its members are dreamers and in their dreaming they put forth ideas that ignite dreams in the rest of us. What a great, invigorating and challenging social environment. When one becomes a Space Tweep, their mind never rests.  There is always a challenging idea around the corner to be considered, debated and expanded.  The real excitement; however, comes from the sharing of that interaction between all of us.

I was born dreaming, still dream, and will pass on dreaming.  The opportunity to share some of those dreams here and to experience my fellow Space Tweeps reactions, comments and LAUGHTER are priceless.

Bored, tired, depressed, about to give up?  Dream. Pile on all your hopes, your ideas (even the wacky ones) and your fears and let your spirit and you mind take you to a whole new world of ideas and possibilities.  When you are finished, jump onto Twitter and hail the first Space Tweep you find and share, share, share.  The result will always be astounding and exciting.