worry about our future in manned spaceflight. It’s going to be a tough
ride for the next 10 yrs or more. Besides exploring the cosmos, are you
aware of what manned spaceflight has done to improve your life? Do you
think money for the space program is spent in space and not on earth?

Learn more about how technology from NASA has improved life in your home and your city: http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/nasacity/index2.htm

do believe I’m living proof that NASA money is spent on Earth and not
in space. As an engineer who works on a NASA contract – I am
paid to help develop the next generation of space vehicles for NASA.
That money pays my mortgage, my student loans, and I shop at places in
Clear Lake and Houston (spending money) that keeps other businesses in

Regarding future of manned spaceflight this is what I see happening.
Bush had vision w/o funding, Obama redirect with no add’l funding. Then
in 2013 if new Prez, another redirect with no add’l funding (b/c won’t
have shown much progress) & gap grows from 3 yrs to 10-15 yrs.

This is not acceptable. Think of the innovations and new technologies that
will not be developed/discovered to keep improving life on earth. Think
of the possible 100,000s people who will be put out of work in a bad
economy because the U.S. no longer believes manned space exploration
should be funded to actually take us somewhere.

can you do to make a difference? Tell people. Share what I have posted
here on your facebook accounts, on twitter, and on your own blog.  Add your own thoughts.  Get people talking about what’s to come and realize how it will impact our country.  Check out the link above. Add more resources for people to explore.  Talk about it. Don’t let manned
spaceflight disappear.