So, you’ve seen the video of the Apollo astronauts heading to the moon aboard their spacecrafts, and you’ve seen the pictures of the people sitting at their consoles monitoring over system settings onboard the spacecraft. Sounds neat, huh? Think you’d want to try that? You can!

Myself, along with @CraftLass are planning a tweetup for anybody who is interested in New York. Included would be a simulated space mission at the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center in Airmont, NY (just a short hop from New York City). The mission would involve a 3 hour mission to either the Moon, Mars, or to Rendezvous with Comet Encke.

If you are interested, please either leave a comment or contact myself, @thenasaman, on Twitter. Also, included in that message, please specify which mission choice you would prefer of the three options. If we can get enough people, this will be able to happen. A date has yet to be chosen, so if anything is better than something else, let me know as well. For more information on the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center, follow it on Twitter as @LHVCC and of course visit the website,