You may recall one day in December when I announced that I had a great idea. Or maybe not, since I tend to say that quite a bit. This idea finally is ready to be officially revealed thanks to the hard work of @scibuff who developed the really cool gallery application, and @foundonmars who worked with him to install and test it out. I’m just the idea person- I don’t know how to do all that complicated stuff!

I would like to introduce a fun activity for Space Tweeps all over. Simply tweet photos of our mascot, Meco the Birdonaut, in various interesting places and include the hash tag #wheresmeco or #whereismeco, whichever is easier for you to remember. You can take photos of Meco on Space Tweep Society patches, on shirts or other gear, or even just add him to a photograph digitally. Be creative! 

The Where’s Meco? Gallery is set up to automatically pull your images from some of the major image posting applications such as Twitpic, yFrog,, Twitgoo, and as long as one of the hashtags is used. You can even follow a special Twitter account, @WhereisMeco to get tweets when new images are added to the gallery.  

I am hoping that this will be an ongoing thing. Take Meco with you when you go on vacation and tweet photos of him there. Bring him to tweetups and take pictures of him there. Have fun with it- and if people ask what you’re doing, use the opportunity to talk about Meco, the Space Tweep Society, and space in general. Who knows, maybe you’ll enlist some new tweeps along the way?

You can find the Where’s Meco? Gallery here. If you you don’t have Space Tweep Society patches or other gear yet you can find it here or by clicking the link on this site that reads “Gear.”

Have fun!