Dr. Eleanor Arroway has spent her life searching for truth in the study of radio astronomy. Palmer Joss has spent his searching for truth through faith in God. When Ellie discovers a stunning message from an extraterrestrial intelligence, they and everyone on Earth will be forced to challenge their own assumptions. In the inevitable first contact, will humankind be able to find a compromise between science and belief?

Starring: Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, James Woods, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt 

You must rent or buy the movie to participate – so plan ahead**

DATE: Sunday, February 7th
TIME: 5PM PT, 8PM ET and 1 a.m. Mon Feb 8 GMT
SpaceTweeps Live Meeting Room

The way this works is we have a broadcast studio in our Meeting Room along with a chatroom. It would be great if we could broadcast the entire movie directly to you, while you watched and chatted but that’s just not fair to those who deserve their royalties for creating this entertainment.

In order to watch along with us you must have your own copy of “Contact”, either on DVD/Video or by download. You can rent or buy it but everyone needs to obtain their own copy. When the movie starts we will play the audio stream through our broadcast channel along with an occasional freeze frame to allow you to keep your own copy queued up with everyone else. It works surprisingly well, allowing us to take breaks when we want to and still all be watching the movie at the same time. And we all get to watch the movie in hi-res, big-screen glory, without the blocky, jerky quality of streamed video. 

It’s a great time, as anyone who joined us for movie night #1 (Apollo 13)  or  #2 (The Dish) can tell you. The added insights from our members with insider space and astronomy knowledge make the experience one of a kind. We tweet about these events using the hashtag #STMN if you want to invite your space Tweet followers to join us. This event is open to all.

Links you might need:

Rent from Amazon for 48 hours for $2.99 or buy movie for $5.79 

Rent it from Netflix

Movie Details at IMDB (many spoilers)