This blog post and associated comments has one purpose only and that is to mourn the loss of the Constellation Program and the dreams we had for returning to the moon.  The program (outside of budget realities) gave us a chance once not only to dream but to work on leaving LEO and heading to another body in our solar system with the stated of goal of learning to live off-planet including learning how to protect the human body in space for long durations.

Please share with us as we take this time to mourn the loss of a program and our associated dreams.  Examples include:

1) Share your personal dreams of what Constellation and Exploration meant to you.

2) Share how the cancellation personally affects you.

I stated the other day that sometimes dreams need course corrections.  In order to correct we need to revector those dreams.  First step is to mourn the current dreams and their associated time table. 

I ask that you not bash Constellation or the President’s FY2011 budget in your comments.  This is purely a place to say good-bye.  To put our dreams down on paper.  To take a moment of silence.  Future blog posts will cover everything else there is to cover.