For anyone attending the STS-130 launch this weekend, there are several opportunities to get together with fellow Space Tweeps for celebrating. There are three gatherings planned so far, and if more come up I’ll add them here. Come to one, come to all – just have fun! 

Saturday, February 6 – 7PM 

Dinner at Dixie Crossroads

Coordinated by @mgrabois

Sunday, February 7 – 8AM 

Post-Launch breakfast at Simply Delicious 

Coordinated by @comtnclimr & @astrogerly

Sunday, February 7 – 2-6PM (come & go) 

Post-Launch Tweetup at Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar 

Coordinated by @astrogerly 

From @astrogerly’s orginal post: 

Directions: See this interactive map 

Entertainment: Besides being able to meet and socialize with fellow space tweeps,  

@flyingjenny’s coworker,  @rusallen and his band will be playing from 2-6PM!

You can see @astrogerly’s original post with comments over here

Thanks to everyone who is coordinating, and hope to see you all at one of more of these gatherings!