Space Tweeps here are some reflections on the Space Shuttle:

what lesson — that fly boys and the aerospace industry hijacked the
space program by insisting “pilots” had to “fly” into space?

the space shuttle has to be one of the MOST wasteful and deadly
boondoggles ever foisted off on taxpayers in the name of science
(nuclear power is worse still — but hey, we need reactors to create
weapons of mass destruction, so killing people is actually part of the
plan there).

shuttles should have never been built and certainly deserve to be
forgotten (unlike the lessons of greed and hubris that created them —
those we NEVER seem to learn.

I cross-posted my earlier essay on Endeavour’s Launch and the
End of an Era
at Huffington Post. It went up in the Technology Section
yesterday. The comment above was posted at HuffPost by Rusty Rebar. 

Anyone offended? I am (very). Anyone want to leave a counter comment at HuffPost? HERE is the link if you are so moved. I’m moved but I wrote the original essay so good ‘ole Rusty knows where I’m coming from.