I’m overjoyed to be attending the STS-130 Tweetup in Houston on February 17th!  Hoping to meet other SpaceTweeps there.

We’ll be gathering on the 10th day of the mission, whereby Shuttle Endeavour will have been docked for about a week. At this juncture, astronauts Nicholas Patrick and Robert Behnken will have already conducted two spacewalks to install the new Tranquility node.

If all goes according to the mission plan, we’ll be tweeting live from Johnson Space Center around the time they are outfitting the seven-windowed panoramic Cupola. (Cont’d–>)

The schedule is pretty packed, and I’m especially excited to see Astronaut Robert Satcher on the speaking docket!  Bobby S. was the first orthopedic surgeon in space, just this past November on STS-129… so he’s fresh off a mission and probably quite keen to give presentations about his first trip into space.

On Earth, the “Zero-G M.D.” (catchy, huh?) has a background in Musculo-skeletal specialties; he is also now becoming involved in micro-gravity studies, and one of his own latest tweets shows the vertical treadmill used in one of the many NASA research studies.

If anyone has questions to ask an astronaut or JSC official, comment or tweet it!  For those not traveling there, I’d love to report back on the events, and for those also attending, can’t wait to make your acquaintance!