STS-130 NASA Tweetup got a message from ISS Expedition 22crew, met an astronaut and king of the flight controllers, watched live comm from Shuttle Mission Control and cruised astronaut training facilities, even seeing new AsCans hard at work!

adllewellyn, pillownaut, spasmunkey & aggieastronaut
in the BlastOff Theatre at Space Center Houston


Meeting so many folks from the Tweep Society, Facebook and Myspace was incredible. I’ll be adding pictures and videos to my blog and youtube channel over the next few days and my link is:

I hope other Tweeps will do the same. I’m so grateful for this site for bringing folks together; it gave me information to search out people by name so we can revel in our shared space interests!  Cont’d –>

Tweeper Birdie

If anyone missed it on the Twitter feeds directly, we were on Click2Houston TV and here is the TwitPic gallery from the JSC professional photographer.