So, it turns out that there are a lot of SpaceTweeps in and near New York City. With our population density, I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, but I often find myself wondering, “Where were you people all of my life?” Our first mini-tweetup was small but a great success, I think, and I would like to make this a regular thing (as those of you who follow me know). We’ve had a little trouble getting it all together, even though there are great ideas floating around, so now I’d like to introduce a tool I’ve been working on, a Google calendar not only for our events but any space-related events in the area, sort of a one-stop space geek shop.

To access the calendar in a browser use this link or for the HTML version use this.

To subscribe to the calendar in your organizer of choice use the iCal link.

If you would like to add events to this calendar please DM me your email address and I will add you to the administrator list. Also, for out-of-towners who plan to visit the area, let me know your dates and I would be happy to try to arrange a tweetup if you wish (we really are a lot more friendly around here than we often get credit for lol).

Also, I would like to start using the hashtag #stnyctweetup as there are other groups that use #nyctweetup already. So, watch for that as well as checking the calendar often for new events!

Can’t wait to meet more of you!