It’s late at night and I should be working, but the experiment named #YaSTwSStream needs a post.  The #spacetweeps are fun and interesting to listen to, so I’ve started favoriting posts that I see.  It’s a super convenient tool, and I’m able to keep up with the stream editing with full coverage. 

As always, please feel free to send any and all comments to  (See also ITAR Web Whistle).

Hash Tags Are Public Domain

It’s easy to reproduce.  The Twitter favorites stream is an RSS location (reference) for feed readers, so many mashups are possible.

I’ve written some description here #YaSTwSStream and here, Twitter feeds & clips.


This experiment reminds me of Url Pong, the one page scifi novel.  Perhaps in #YaSTwSStream I get to play the droid. 

  1.  ? #YaSTwSStream  
  2. #YaSTwSStream Access public; Current with twitter;
  3. From @Me; Drop @My /3450349853049 #YaSTwSStream
  4. #YaSTwSStream Access owner; Requested dropped;

Someone should build such a thing.  Sounds fun.