In “The ITAR Web Whistle” I reviewed one argument for ITAR, and proposed a solution for the internet world of individuals acting in good faith.

Perhaps the biggest problem with ITAR is represented by the counter argument, what we don’t do because our hands are tied, others will and profit by it.

For example, if I can’t put an open source LH2/LOX propulsion system on the internet for fear of conflicting with ITAR, then those who can in the rest of the world will profit from the development while I won’t. 

Sure, I can do my own thing in private.  But my results will be bounded to about ten or twenty percent with my capabilities tied up in this way — because I won’t be able to work with others in a natural way and will have too much invested in not producing, not sharing and not excelling in the endeavor.

This is just an example, of course.  No immediate plans for a cryogenic hybrid aerospike engine, or anything like that.

Just sayin.