Apparently the White House wants to hear from
. So, I thought I would give my personal opinion on the state of

We’re in a recession. We have a huge amount of debt. There really no
end in sight, at least not one that I can see. America has gone from
innovating and creating industry to consuming and, well, just consuming.
It is time for us to stand up and lead the world once again. Lets
create a new economy, a new industry and a new beginning for ourselves.

It is time for a grand vision that will spur the workforce,
invigorate the economy and build a new industry that we will lead. We’ve
done this before with the computer revolution and again with the
Internet revolution. We can do it once more, but this time it should be a
revolution of galactic proportions.

Let us once again explore the galaxy. Not just robots, but lets put
humans on Mars. Lets put humans on Near Earth Objects. Heck lets go to
Enceladas and other interesting moons too! We can develop the new
infrastructure, the new propulsion and the new way of thinking that goes
along with it.

The Earth only has so many resources. Eventually, maybe not today,
but eventually we will run out. Water, precious metals and the building
blocks of just about everything are all resources that will eventually
expire. Today the resource we need the most is energy. We need good,
clean and affordable energy. By using Space Based Solar Power, or even
technology simply developed for long-duration space flight we can become
a producer of energy that the world would buy from. We would switch
from a consumer of foreign oil to a producer of clean, affordable
energy. When fresh drinking water becomes more scarce, we would be ready
with our space inspired water refinement. Not only would we convert
back to a production society, but we could also mine near Earth objects
to help greatly reduce the national debt.

Some of the near Earth objects we have floating nearby (relatively
speaking of course) are worth
an estimated
$20,000,000,000,000.00 dollars. That’s $20 trillion if
you lost track of the 0’s there. The current estimated US debt is
around $12 trillion dollars or just over 1/2 of the value of just one
near Earth object. Lets assume that it takes $10 trillion to develop all
of the technology and infrastructure required to mine one of these
asteroids. That reduces our national debt to around $2 trillion which
means that by mining two asteroids we would have a national credit
of $8 trillion. I think National Credit sounds a lot nicer
than National Debt, don’t you?  That healthcare no one is sure
how to pay for? Paid in full. Social Security? Secure.

Flexible path is not the path. I know we have a lot of people that
support it, but we should go all out when it comes to space. We should
be setting aggressive timelines. We should be producing new vehicles and
trying out cutting edge ideas. We should be laying the groundwork for
private industry to bring mere mortals to Mars, the Moon, and other
places across our solar system where we can find new jobs, new resources
and a new way of living. We should be leading the planet on the
greatest journey humans have ever undertaken.

It will take a charismatic leader, a lot of optimism, patience, money
and vision to make a plan like this come together. We had this in the
60’s for a brief moment and have yet to see it again. Do we have what it
takes 50 years later to pick up the dropped baton and unite the planet
in our greatest adventure ever? Make no mistake, this is a very
difficult series of events to line up perfectly. It is completely
possible that the 60’s were our one shot, and it is now gone, forever. I
certainly hope that is not the case.

I’m clearly bias towards space. Heck, I host a space web site! But I
do so out of my own pocket because it truly is something I believe in. I
don’t make a living working in the space industry. I’m not employed on
the space coast. Heck, I work in IT for a real estate company in the
middle of Minnesota, nowhere near any cool space companies like Boeing
of Lockheed.  I believe in this because I believe space is our way out.
It can solve our recession, our economic problems, our environment
problems, our energy problems and any resource problems that may crop up
along the way. We just need to look at space in new and innovative ways
to see that while it may look empty, in all actuality space is full of
everything required to solve almost all of the problems we have today.

I would like to see us extend our reach to the stars in a big, bold
move. The White House asked me to be succinct, include metrics of
progression, suggest who could lead the project and techniques used to
accomplish the goals stated. I really did none of those things.
Fortunately I do not believe I am the only one who believes in this
vision. I invite all those who believe that our destiny is among the
stars to chime in here. What metrics of progression would we have? Who
would lead it? NASA? How would we accomplish these goals in a timeline
that wouldn’t bore the American people (which generally means under a
decade)? Make your voice heard along with mine. It’s time to leave this
planet and build a whole new beginning for the human race.