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This is it.

It is all over.

Space Shuttle Atlantis has made its last landing today. And while the orbiter (aka OV-104) will soon go to a museum (where exactly, we don’t know), it will forever live in our memories. In my case, I have two special memories of Space Shuttle Atlantis. The first is (honestly, I am not making up this memory) its first docking with Mir, which I remember real well (I know it is that becasue I remember had remembered the name of an astronaut named Robert “Hoot” Gibson, who, of course, commanded the flight). But what I especially remember is that that was the first news flash that I saw that did not have either OJ or the fat judge (what I called Lance Ito at that time)

My other big memory about Atlantis is the Hubble Mission. I still remember following the mission like none other I have before or after. I still remember listening to spacewalks while exercising! It was a pleasure to follow STS-125, and it was a pleasure to see it again on IMAX in Chattanooga. Memories worth saving.

And even though I missed the STS-129 launch (and, due to my decision to remain anonymous, the Tweetup, of course), due to a Computer class quiz I had that same time, I could not be here w/o the launch. Well, after some time following only Astros and official NASA twitter feeds on Twitter, I decided to make a brave venture and decide to follow a Space Tweep whom I have seen conversing with some of the astros, @Space_Pete, then one spacetweep led to another, and another, and another, until now, I am a full-fledged member of the Space Tweep Society. I am truly enjoying the conversations with you guys and I hope to see you all in person, if not sooner, later.

And thanks for the memories, Atlantis.