photos-photo16739We’ve discovered a great way to build new things: Shapeways.  Create new LEGO parts, or anything.  They have interesting Tutorials and Videos.  Takes a while to get the hang of their world, it’s a bit obscure but generally worthwhile.  Probably the easiest way to get started building would be using Google SketchUp, but there’s lots of free and commercial software for bending your head around CAD.


Alex Csete reports news from the embedded electronics world of pluggable bricks, the BeagleBoard XM now has a pin head connector for camera input.  “Past versions omitted the camera input connector to save space and were thus limited to USB cameras, which is why I went with the Gumstix Overo instead”. 

Joshua Tristancho is working on the legal framework for performing rocket launches in Spain, and heading out to conferences.  There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in Barcelona.