E.T are you out there? is a campaign of “Faces from Earth
project to introduce the concept of possible extraterrestrial life and
interstellar messages to school students. The campaign introduced the
questions to students: “what if there is extraterrestrial life out
there?, what would we say to a hypothetical E.T.?”.

It was
participated by school student groups in five countries; Hungary,
Germany, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Ukraine during May 2010.

Here is the brief report on the Germany event which I organized. It took place on 19 May 2010 in Molfsee, close to Kiel.

We came together at 5:30 PM – school schedule and some unfortunate
circumstances prevented a couple of students to come, so we had a
familiar meeting with Arianna, Corvin, Louisa, Michel and Vincent (12 to

14 years old) in my home. However, being such a small group gave us the
opportunity to go into lots if details, check information in the
internet immediately – about the Viking experiments on Mars (searching
for life indicators), the Grand Tour of the Voyagers (the seldom
constellation of the outer planets in the Solar System), and, of course,

the chances to talk to E.T., to name but a few -, before the exciting
time of creating the pictorial messages and the preparation of the
balloon payloads. Luckily, we had two balloons for each message 🙂 We
went then to the “launch pad” – a couple of minutes walk to a gentle
hill – and the countdown (we’ve got it from the famous german sci-fi TV
series of the 1960es, Space Patrol Orion) started: … drei … zwei…
eins… zero: “Guten Flug” (good flight) – and the Molfsee messages
began their journey. Where do they end – we don’t know. But we all hope
that some terrestrial intelligence finds some of them, and decipher it!

Read more: http://bit.ly/ET_report

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQyuoDVaRus