This week @ULSF, Alex has GStreamer performing, Tobias received some new gear, and Joshua’s Moon 2.0 project is reaching critical mass.

Alex: “Picture in picture compositing in gstreamer with examples ranging from simple concepts to the more complex “Live from Pluto” video wall:  Simple time-lapse videos with gstreamer and ffmpeg: Note the image quality – it was recorded using a $100 QuickCam Vision Pro 9000 UVC webcam from Logitech. I can’t wait to try the new HD Webcam Series from Logitech coming out in a few months.”

Tobias: ” I got last week all the stuff I’ve ordered, my arduino, some servos, a
500mW green laser diode, …., ….  Arduino programming seems simple, and since some little test programms worked
right away (on both, my mac and my dell),  I’m in a quite positive
Headed yesterday to San Diego, CA, where I’ll be for the next two weeks.
I’m here for training with Broadcast Microwave Systems, since we
(the company I’m working for) have some 18″, 34″ and a 72″ inch auto-tracker systems for our UAV’s.  Anyone close to SanDiego?”

The Moon 2.0 team now has twenty three members and two dedicated blogs.  The team is primarily focused on building femto satellites and launchers for LEO.