This week @ULSF Alex @Csete submitted a fix to the Gnu Radio user interface, Gnu Radio Companion.  Digging into GRC and Gnu Radio will help us to establish a way for anyone to build a ground station and download the RF configuration for anyone’s mission tracking and communications.

I discovered another interesting part of the world in Modelica, an open source electro-mechanical dynamics modeling and simulation tool based on the Modelica Language and intended for graphical user interfaces.  It’s quite mature, with a substantial commercial following in Europe including Dassault Systèmes.  A model is defined and compiled into a simulation from the graphical user interface.

That code base has already given me some good pointers for my own work on Sagittarius.  A post entitled “Atoms and Molecules” describes the work in progress.

Mike @mrdoornbos and friends including Tiffany @astrogerly are working on Space Up DC this August 27th and 28th at the Space Policy Institute.  Follow @spaceupdc for more to come including registration this Tuesday.

Space is up, i.e., ad astra.