I’m conducting an informal poll on Spacepirations with the purpose of understanding how much first level acquaintances of space enthusiasts know about the upcoming launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.

It would be great to get all of you (obviously space enthusiasts) ask your friends and family 4 simple questions and report back, preferably on Spacepirations.

The questions are:

  1. Which Space Shuttle is getting ready for launch?
  2. When is the next launch?
  3. How many Space Shuttle launches remain after this one?
  4. What mission number is it going to be?

After the launch I will tally the responses and gauge in a non-scientific way how well we space enthusiasts and NASA keep these historic last few shuttle launches and space on people’s minds.

The full post with the poll questions is here: http://www.spacepirations.com/2010/09/next-space-shuttle-launch-informal-poll.html

Thanks for your help!