I wanted to let the students in the community know that Students for the Exploration and Development of Space has created a competition aimed at getting students interested in space exploration and helping students find out what SEDS is all about.

The contest site is hosted at http://seds.org/video-ad-contest/

Each 2-5 minute entry will be judged by our panel of judges with the finalist videos to be judged by some of our friends in the space industry like William Pomerantz of The X Prize Foundation, William Watson of the Space Frontier Foundation and Gary Barnhard of the National Space Society.

We will also post all of the entries to our Youtube channel for the world to see!

The grand prize includes $200 cash, Membership to National Space Society, Free Admission to ISDC 2011, and a SEDS shirt from the SEDS store at seds.spreadshirt.com.

We have a whole gallery of images that contestants can use on our website and we’re working on providing more video and audio content on the contest site for use in contest videos.