We are extremely to happy to report scheduled and already held events from four continents in Brazil, Ghana, Hungary, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Ukraine for our E.T. are You out there? – The Voyager Campaign.

You still can join us in our “E.T. are You out there? – The Voyager Campaign” – participation is now open til 24 October!

Just a short reminder where You can find more infos on “How to Participate” on the Web: http://bit.ly/ET-voyager and as a PDF: http://bit.ly/ffe-voyager-pdf

You might check out the report from previous campaign to see what you can do

* Report: http://bit.ly/ET_report
* Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQyuoDVaRus

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Do you have still questions? Feel free to contact from our Board members, Thilina, Thomas or myself! (http://bit.ly/FfE_Board)

Ad Astra & Cheers!