gam-awb-2011-smallApril 2011 will again be a busy month for
amateur and professional astronomers, educators and astronomy
enthusiasts as Global Astronomy Month (GAM) returns for its second
edition. The annual event, organized by Astronomers Without Borders,
celebrates the Universe in the spirit of the International Year of
Astronomy 2009 cornerstone project “100 Hours of Astronomy.”

Astronomy clubs, science centers, schools, educators, and other
astronomy enthusiasts worldwide are invited to reserve dates in April
2011 for public outreach, hands-on activities, observing sessions and
more while sharing the enthusiasm with others across the globe during
Global Astronomy Month. Everyone is invited either to join the global
programs or initiate their own activities during April 2011.

This is the second edition of GAM, after its launch last year, when
Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) coordinated seven global events
dedicated to remote observing, fighting light pollution, world peace,
observations of the sky and cultural manifestations, as well as
encouraging the organization of local events.

A growing list of global programs are scheduled for GAM 2011. The
month kicks off with the lord of the rings on April 2/3,
designated as Saturn Watch. With the planet at its
closest to Earth, it’s a perfect night to admire the unequaled beauty of
the ringed planet. On April 9 the Global Star
will unfold as darkness sweeps around the Earth. This is
the night to set up your telescopes and share the wonders of the sky
with others. From April 10 to 16 it’s Lunar
as our gaze turns toward Earth’s natural satellite. Just
as the Moon has captured our imagination for millennia, it never fails
to fascinate with close-up views of its craters and mare. Educational
and cultural events dedicated to the Moon are also planned. On April
we switch from night to day, dedicating ourselves to our
closest star on SunDay. The month closes on a high
point with a peak – of meteors. On April 21/22 get
comfortable in something warm and spend the night scanning the sky for
meteors caused by debris left behind by Comet Thatcher. An incredible
show awaits during Lyrids Watch.

More programs are to come as GAM grows with every group of people
that joins us in the celebration of the Universe. Among these are Remote
Observing Programs
and a Cosmic Concert.

If you need another reason to join us during Global Astronomy Month,
try these:

  • GAM lets your science center or astronomy club participate in an
    internationally recognized project;
  • GAM provides several events to attract visitors to your institution
    or astronomy club;
  • GAM allows you to connect with your local community, including
    public authorities and the media;
  • GAM gives you the chance to inspire young people to look up and
    wonder. Show your commitment to educating young people.

“There’s something for everyone”, says Mike Simmons, President of
Astronomers Without Borders. IYA2009 showed the way to involving more
people than ever,” and GAM is riding that wave of excitement in the
discovery of our Universe.”

Join the celebration in April 2011 as Global Astronomy Month brings
together thousands of passionate individuals and hundreds of
organizations worldwide to share their enthusiasm in innovative new
ways, connecting people through a great sense of sharing the Universe!
It’s a month of celebrating Astronomers Without Borders’ motto – One
People, One Sky!

Save the dates – April 2011 is Global Astronomy Month.


More information:

Astronomers Without Borders

Astronomers Without Borders is dedicated to fostering understanding
and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating
relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy. Astronomers
Without Borders projects promote sharing, all through a common interest
in something basic and universal – sharing the sky.

For further information please contact:

Mike Simmons
President, Astronomers Without Borders
Chair, GAM2011 Working Group
+1 818 486 7633

Thilina Heenatigala
GAM2011 Coordinator
+94 716 245 545

Oana Sandu
GAM2011 Public Relations Coordinator
+40 724 024 625