Hey fellow Space Tweeps,

I am looking for Space Shuttle mission schedules that NASA published in Microsoft Office Excel format for the missions prior to 2008.

I have the Space Shuttle missions from 2008 through today, with their revisions from rev 0 to the revision that includes “wheel stop.” I will share the Excel files that I saved from NASA.

I wrote a program that transfers the mission events from Excel to the calendar in Microsoft Office Outlook. It is free. The program is available at http://nasaststvschedule.codeplex.com/.

When I read about the Microsoft blog entry on their Microsoft Software Developers Network (MSDN) announcement that programmers could develop applications using the “Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO),” I heard a voice inside my head shouting “Write this program!”

I am essentially a lazy person. If a computer can do the job, so be it. I would manually enter significant events, such as launches and landings, and EVA’si into my calendar. But even manually updating that information could be a chore. But with this program I wrote, adding and updating Space Shuttle missions to my calendar in Outlook is a piece of cake.

So, if any Space Tweeps have a full set of Space Shuttle mission schedules that NASA published in Excel format, I am interested.

I will publish the mission schedules and their revisions at the project site.

Thank you,