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Monthly archive June, 2011

Twitter Resources for @NASA Launch of Atlantis (STS-135)

The @NASA sponsored @NASATweetup held at the iconic countdown clock at the press site:

Space View Park Tweetup:

NASA Causeway:

Follow the @NASA_Astronauts #FinalFour: @Astro_Ferg @Astro_Doug @Astro_Sandy @Astro_Rex

Let’s Start a New Twitter Trend for STS-135

Let's Start a New Twitter Trend for STS-135

Let’s start a new twitter trend for the final Space Shuttle mission, STS-135, the final launch of Atlantis.

Since there are just four astronauts on Atlantis, I propose using the Twitter hastag #FinalFour when tweeting about #STS135.

@Astro_Ferg – Christopher Ferguson (CDR)
@Astro_Wheels – Douglas G. Hurley (PLT)
@Astro_Sandy – Sandra H. Magnus (MS)
@Astro_Rex – Rex J. Walheim (MS)

The NCAA may claim a Copyright or Trademark to the Final Four, but Chris, Doug, Sandy, and Rex are the Final Four astronauts to ride on the Space Shuttle.