Meco, the SpaceTweep Society mascot, in Space Shuttle Discovery's payload bay

You’ve probably noticed the Space Tweep Society has a brand new website. What you may not have realized is the biggest improvement of all. With our new system of logging in with Twitter, any tweep who has something to say about space (you) can write a post here, and submit it for moderation. You can even cross post from your own blog and include a link back to the original. This is a great way to get your posts in front of a larger audience.

At this historic time- the end of the space shuttle era- we’re especially interested in hearing what you have to say. So please, log in with Twitter and share your thoughts with us. We encourage you to include an image or more if you like. The society is a diverse group of people, and we’re interested in hearing about a large variety of space and astronomy related topics. For instance, you could write about the end of the shuttle program, or about the new beginnings in commercial space. You could post about heliophysics, astrophotography, or the upcoming @NASAJuno Tweetup. You could even write about space inspired art or music, space history, space memorabilia, or any other space-related topic that inspires you to write. The choice is yours.

Can’t wait to read your posts!

Note: Please read over our very basic posting rules if you’ve haven’t authored posts here before.