Today, I was in a mood for nostalgia about the end of an era of an American icon. For thirty years, the Space Shuttle has been an iconic symbol of America.

The design of the Space Shuttle advanced engineering and techn0logy. Well, NASA’s needs from the very beginning advanced technology.

I was looking for an appropriate musical tribute that conveyed my feelings, my emotions of the close of an era of manned spaceflight.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s “Glory Days,” I think is an appropriate song to recognize the accomplishments of the Space Shuttle fleet and those that maintained her.

I searched high and low for the appropriate E Street video that also featured the “Big Man,” Clarence Clemons; may he rest in peace. I was entering the workforce when Springsteen had his first hit with “Born to Run.”

I was “dancing in my chair” screening videos and found this video.

This is to you guys and gals that make the impossible, possible.

Now, everybody get out of your chair and shout “OH YEA!”