Attention on the Nets! 
JPL’s Veronica McGregor (@VeronicaMcG) will be on a NASA news conference Friday, November 25 at 1p.m. ET talking about social media efforts and tweetups. Veronica organized the very first NASA tweetup back in January 2009, and the news conference coincides with NASA’s 31st NASATweetup for the launch of Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) which will carry the Curiosity rover to Mars.

STS-129 NASA Tweetup Signed Poster

Photo credit: @bethbeck/NASA

The following was written by @VeronicaMcG and outlines how we NASA Tweetup alumni can assist her in making the news conference as successful and meaningful as possible:

…I want to do something to include you during the news conference — one thought is to as ask you to tweet what the experience meant to you, or something unexpected you learned, or an action you took (beyond tweeting) to spark the interest of others in space science and NASA. Many of you have done incredible things post-tweetup– letter writing campaigns to ask FIOS to carry NASA TV; creating the wiki; organizing a launch party at a local radio station or science museum. I know there are a lot of great stories out there! I want to mention some these actions plus ask you to tweet them (and I’ll explain to the audience how to view the tweets using the #NASATweetup hashtag). Other ideas? I’m open to hearing them! – Veronica McGregor

Please help get the word out about this #NASATweetup related news conference on November 25th. This is an excellent opportunity for all NASATweetup alumni to share the power and scope of the community that’s been created. Our goal is to provide live tweets during the news conference as we so often do during other live events of interest to SpaceTweeps and NASATweetup alumni.