One of the greatest benefits of being part of the #spacetweeps community are the great events that are organized. These events are the best way to turn a space passion into a true space ambassadorship and many new friends. When joining my first #NASATweetup in 2011 the other attendees told me it would change my life, which I politely laughed away. But wow, were they right! So after #NASATweetup followed ESA/DLR #SpaceTweetup, #CNESTweetup, #AndreTweetup, #SpaceKoelsch 1-3 and a few #SpaceUps. It is great to be in the heart of the best virtual and real life community in the world!

I think it was at the ESA/DLR #SpaceTweetup, where the idea of #AuroraTweetup was born. Wouldn’t it be great to bring a large group of spacetweeps to the Arctic, to witness Aurora Borealis during the solar maximum in 2013? I soon found that many people on Twitter agreed. So I contacted a hotel-owner I know in a remote Finnish town and booked a bunch of rooms, organized some typical meals and added some great Arctic activities. The first #AuroraTweetup sold out within two days!

Based on our passion to share this awesome experience with even more people, we quickly decided to organize a second event, directly after the first. Because our original location had no availability, we looked at another town, not too far from the first hotel. The town of Saariselkä hosts the world’s northernmost spa. The idea of relaxing in a natural spa pool, looking outside into the Arctic, was appealing enough to make a booking. #AuroraTweetup II will be even more luxurious, a day longer than the first edition and including the best Valentine Day you will ever have in Finnish Lapland.

Since we named it #AuroraTweetup, we hope to attract a lot of people following both events online. Beautiful photographs of spacetweeps in a fairytale Arctic landscape guaranteed. And although not 100% guaranteed, I am almost certain you will see green with envy of the many pictures of these same spacetweeps under the Northern Lights!

A little advertising now: The first event is sold out, but the second event from 10-14 February 2013 still has a few seats left. This Northern Lights trip is open to all, whether on or off social media. It is organized on a volunteer non-commercial basis, making it the cheapest offer you will find, under the motto “by spacetweeps for spacetweeps”. Join us now or you’ll have to wait until the next solar maximum, in 2024. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

See the special #AuroraTweetup website for more info, or contact @timmermansr or @martincco on Twitter to see how you can join.